July 18, 2019

What is AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze and why should I have it applied to my Chicago Metallic pans?

It may be a surprise, but when it comes to choosing the perfect baking pan for your baking operation, the options may be overwhelming! You are faced with the decision of choosing among many different forms, shapes, raw materials, sizes, configurations, coatings, and more. All these important pan decisions will affect your products and operation, not to mention your company’s reputation and bottom line!

What’s it made of?

AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze is a clear coating that is applied to our pans after manufacturing and fully cured. It is a silicone-based coating that conforms to FDA standards for coatings that come in contact with food.


Some of the benefits of having pans coated with AMERICOAT® ePlus are:

  • Increased performance: AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze provides up to 600 releases of baked goods. Of course, the release performance of a glazed pan depends on which product you bake and how well you use and care for your pans. Typically, pans used for high sugar content baked goods will not provide as many releases as a pan used to bake products that have little to no sugar content.
  • Reduced oil usage: Due to its non-stick properties, AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze can reduce oil usage up to 50%.
  • Increased efficiency: Spend less time and effort cleaning our glazed pans.
  • Increased production: Bake more product and reduce the amount of product waste due to the great release.

What pans can AMERICOAT® ePlus be applied to?

AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze can be applied to any Chicago Metallic baking pan no matter what material, shape, size, or configuration. It can be applied to our aluminum, aluminized steel, and even anodized aluminum pans. In fact, our BĀKALON pizza pans pre-seasoned with AMERICOAT® ePlus silicone release coating offer exceptional ease and convenience, combining the release characteristics of a non-stick coating with the flexibility to use metal utensils.

Are there any operating parameters?

Empty pans should never be placed in a hot oven, as it can greatly damage the coating.

Easy to Clean:

Cleaning pans coated with AMERICOAT® ePlus is simple.

  • Hand wipe pans while still warm
  • Use a Ph neutral soap for washing (remember to wash only when necessary)
  • Never place pans in a dishwasher
  • For pans that have carbon build-up or are not providing a good release, consider using a pan refurbishment service through our sister company, Pan Glo

Are there any other coating options?

In addition to our AMERICOAT® ePlus glaze coating, Chicago Metallic also offers pans with our proprietary formula non-stick coatings, OptiShield and DuraShield, if a longer release life is desired.

Chicago Metallic’s OptiShield® and DuraShield® non-stick coatings can significantly reduce, and in some cases, virtually eliminate the need to oil your pans up to 1500 or 3500 bakes, respectively. Just like glazed pans, not needing to oil your pans means healthier baking and cleaner pans and kitchens. Both of our wholesale-bakery-proven non-stick coatings are certified to be PFOA-free and conform to FDA standards for coatings that come in contact with food. Their outstanding release characteristics reduce product loss caused by sticking and virtually eliminate the transfer of carbon from dirty pans by eliminating the use of pan oil altogether.