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Chicago Metallic Delivers Innovative Solutions to the World's Premiere Fast Casual Restaurants
  • Increase Production Throughput
  • Help Prevent Cross-Contamination of Foods
  • Decrease the Use of Oils or Release Agents
  • Save Time & Money


Chicago Metallic helped the leading US chicken restaurant expedite their thawing process and reduce waste.

THE CHALLENGE: The leading US chicken restaurant needed a quicker way to thaw their chicken and reduce waste. Franchisees were using a plastic container that was taking 2-3 days to properly thaw the chicken and also yielded a remarkable amount of chicken being tossed in the waste bin.

Chicken Thawing Pan

THE SOLUTION:  Chicago Metallic delivered a 16-gauge aluminum sheet pan that is receiving rave reviews:

  • The Perfect Sized Pan – the pan was specifically sized and designed to fit the chicken restaurant’s existing fixtures

  • Stamped for Safety – the pan was manufactured with a custom “raw chicken only” stamp to ensure food safety and improved work-flow

  • Faster Thaws, Less Waste – due to the superior heat transfer properties of metal, the restaurant was able to decrease thawing time by over 400% and significantly reduce the amount of waste

  • Superior Chicken – the product thawed more evenly and provided an overall superior piece of chicken for preparation and cooking


How Did Chicago Metallic Help the World’s Largest Sub Sandwich Chain Improve Bun Texture and Increase Efficiency?

THE CHALLENGE:  The world’s largest sub sandwich chain used silicone baguette baking mats with a half-size sheet pan to bake their bread in-store. The silicone mats were prone to sticking and needed to be washed after every bake. In addition, because they take a long time to dry, stores had to keep a large supply of extra mats on hand. Finally, the silicone mat could not provide the desired crusty texture.

THE SOLUTION:  Chicago Metallic designed an NSF-approved, 5-pocket, half-size, perforated baguette pan with DuraShield coating. The custom pan is a great success:

Custom Sub Bun Pan

  • Better Food Texture – the new pan provided the crusty texture that sub sandwich customers crave

  • Easier to Clean – the non-stick properties of DuraShield® meant that nothing, including cheese, would stick to the pan; this eliminated the need to wash the pans after every bake; they are now wiped clean with a dry towel after each bake and then fully washed at the end of the day

  • Stackable & Durable – the pans are stackable and last approximately 5 years, up to 500% longer than the silicone mats which needed to be replaced every year or so


From Pizza to Pizza Pizza… and an Ingenious, Space-Saving Design!

THE CHALLENGES:  A leading, fast-casual pizza chain known for hot and ready-to-go pizzas needed to increase throughput.

At the same time, they needed a new solution for their round pizza pans that would decrease the amount of storage space needed for proofing pizza dough.

THE SOLUTIONS: Chicago Metallic delivered dynamic, custom solutions that were a win-win!

Tandem Pizza Pan and EXACT STACK® Pizza Pan

  • Increased Throughput – for the square, ready-to-go pizzas, Chicago Metallic delivered a custom-designed, tandem pan that can bake two square pizzas at the same time

  • Saved Space with Stacks of Proof – for the round pans, Chicago Metallic designed the ExactStack® Pizza Pan: these pans nest together so that dough can proof with one pan securely stacked on top of the other – no dividers or spacers are needed

  • Improved Durability and Efficiency – both pans are constructed of BAKALON® hard coat, anodized aluminum, “pre-seasoned” with AMERICOAT® ePlus silicone-based glaze; applying this coating to pans eliminates the need for the seasoning process in the store and greatly reduces the amount of oil needed for release.

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