March 27, 2018

New EXACT STACK® Pizza Pans Featured at 2018 International Pizza Challenge

Some of the world’s top pizza chefs put Chicago Metallic Bakeware’s innovative EXACT STACK® pizza pans to the test during the International Pizza Challenge! 200 Pizzaioli competed for up to $7,500 in prizes during the 2018 International Pizza Expo event from March 20-22 in Las Vegas.

EXACT STACK® Pizza Pans Receive Rave Reviews

Pizza Challenge judges scored pizzas on overall taste, toppings, crust, and creativity and well as bake quality and visual presentation. Competitors who used EXACT STACK pans have raved about their quality and the results they produced. Tore Trupiano, General Manager of Dominic’s Italian Restaurant in Oceanside, California is a three-time International Pizza Competition champion. While utilizing the EXACT STACK pans during this year’s competition, Tore noted, œThe pans performed flawlessly. I could not have made a better pizza.

Excellent Performance and Storage

Our 12″ and 14″ deep dish EXACT STACK pans provide unprecedented ease of use and storage:

    • Engineered to stack securely yet release easily when lifted, pans can be used to proof dough while stacked and will not stick together due to their proprietary design.
    • Stacking pans with dough inside without the use of lids or pan separators greatly reduces overall equipment requirements and saves space in the cooler and prep area.
    • Pan sidewalls have an engineered rib that enables pans to stack precisely and eliminates worries of falling pans or crooked stacks.
    • Pan sidewalls are manufactured with a slight flare to allow pans to separate easily when stacked with or without dough.
    • Constructed of high-strength aluminum with a durable, hardcoated, anodized surface that will not chip, peel, rust, or interact with food.

Available with AMERICOAT® ePlus

EXACT STACK pans can even be pre-seasoned with AMERICOAT® ePlus, which offers exceptional ease and convenience, combining the release characteristics of a non-stick coating with the flexibility to use metal utensils. Pre-seasoning reduces expenses for oils/greases, unhealthy fats in products, and labor hours used for seasoning and sanitation of pans.


Chicago Metallic Bakeware was a proud 2018 Pizza Expo Preferred Product sponsor of the International Pizza Challenge Competition and Demonstration areas.