September 17, 2020

BĀKALON Pans Provide a Superior, Scratch-Free Surface

What are BĀKALON Pans?

BĀKALON pans are hard anodized aluminum pans that provide optimal strength, durability, and thermal conductivity. They were designed by our Chicago Metallic team in order to provide bakers with pans that were more realistic for both baking and cutting, especially when it comes to pizza.

How do BĀKALON Pans work?

The ultra-hard aluminum oxide surface of our BĀKALON pans provide a nearly permanent protective dark gray cooking surface that will not chip, peel, rust, or interact with food. In fact, these pans are so durable that some bakers have experienced over 50,000 bakes with a single pan! In addition to plain BĀKALON pans, we also offer pre-seasoned BĀKALON pans. Pre-seasoned pans eliminate the need for oil or spray and take on the properties of a non-stick pan. “Our pre-seasoned BĀKALON pans have been a big hit with our customers. They love the fact that these pans act like non-stick pans and that they still won’t scratch. That’s a big relief to bakers, especially when it comes to those in the pizza making business,” notes Mike Macdonald, Vice President of Sales for Chicago Metallic.

Who can benefit from using BĀKALON Pans?

Chicago Metallic offers a variety of BĀKALON pizza pans and sheet pans. Because of the scratch-free properties of these pans, they are great for making pizzas and other items in which cutting on the pan itself is necessary. Commercial and foodservice baking operations would benefit greatly by using our BĀKALON pans.

Why should I use BĀKALON Pans?

By using BĀKALON pans, you can achieve a better, more evenly baked product. The dark surface provides quick and even heat distribution. Furthermore, the quick and even heat distribution requires less energy consumption. BĀKALON pans are also extremely easy to clean.

For more information on our BĀKALON pans, please contact Mike Macdonald or submit your information in the form below.