Pan Coatings

Control Costs and Optimize Operations

The prolonged life and optimal performance of pans coated and processed by our companies help control costs and improve the competitiveness of your operation.


AMERICOAT® ePlus silicone release coating is the industry’s leading silicone coating technology used on all Chicago Metallic glazed pans. AMERICOAT ePlus features longer-lasting performance and reduces the need for oil usage up to 50%.


DuraShield® delivers more releases than all other competitors worldwide. ​Our DuraShield® coatings provide the longest lasting release life and the best release characteristics for baked goods from buns and rolls to breads and cakes.


In response to the ever-growing need to minimize food risks, Chicago Metallic offers color-coded DuraShield® 265U purple fluoropolymer coating. The coating performs the same as standard DuraShield, but also provides easy identification of bakeware used for allergen-free baking.


OptiShield® coatings perform at peak for standard or challenging doughs or products with special requirements. We offer multiple OptiShield formulas to meet the specific challenges of various products or production processes.

Pan Coatings

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